Financial Information for Patients

The following information is offered as a guide. Every insurance policy is different. We encourage you to contact your insurance company directly or speak with our financial counselor if you have questions about your insurance coverage and/or the cost of treatment.

Visits / Labs / Ultrasounds / Procedures

The charges for your office visits, labs, ultrasounds and any procedures will be submitted to your insurance company for coverage. You may have co-pays or co-insurance for these charges specific to your insurance plan.

For patients who do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatment (“non-billable service”), we will collect payment for these charges at the time of service.


  • Insurance Coverage: Fertility medications are variably covered by insurance plans. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding your specific plan’s coverage of the medications your doctor has recommended. If your plan provides coverage, it may be restricted to the use of a specific mail-order pharmacy (ie: Prime or Caremark) or require prior authorization.
  • Mail-order Pharmacies: There are several specialty pharmacies that can help determine your fertility medication coverage and provide competitive pricing for these medications. Most of these pharmacies are out of state and can overnight ship medications directly to you.
  • Local Pharmacy: Homewood Pharmacy (205-871-9000) in Birmingham carries most fertility medications. The cost may be higher than the mail-order pharmacies, but this option can be helpful for those in immediate need of medication or needing only a limited supply.
  • Medication Assistance Programs: Serono Compassionate Care and Design Rx First Steps are two need-based programs that help reduce the cost of fertility medications. Please review the eligibility requirements and additional information on their websites.      Here is a link to one of the programs:

Intrauterine inseminations (IUI) / In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Please check with your insurance carrier to determine if you have coverage for these procedures. In general, IUI and IVF are not covered by most Alabama-based insurance carriers (excluding PEEHIP/EDU policies at BCBS, which typically cover IUIs).

If you have out of state insurance, your policy may cover IUIs and IVF. Check with your insurance carrier to see if these are covered services. If so, a pre-authorization may be required or specific criteria or prior treatment may need to be met for coverage to be provided. Please ask to speak with our financial counselor if you have questions regarding your coverage.

Fertility Treatment Loans

There are a handful of financial institutions that will provide loans for fertility treatment. These loans can cover any part of treatment necessary (ultrasounds, medications, IUI, IVF). Note that we do not specifically endorse any of these companies, and they are all associated with a variety of fees.