Donor Eggs

Donor Eggs

Donor Eggs

Through the help of donor eggs, women who would otherwise be infertile due to certain medical conditions are given the chance to conceive. These conditions include premature menopause, genetic disorders and failure to produce adequate numbers of normal eggs or embryos. Alabama Fertility offers two types of donor egg options for patients to consider: fresh or frozen.

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Fresh Donor Eggs

Alabama Fertility’s Donor Oocyte Program recruits healthy women between 21 and 34 years of age who are deemed to be in good health. Women approved for being an oocyte donor have a normal health history, no family history of significant genetic disorders and a normal physical examination. Laboratory screening for sexually transmitted diseases must all be negative.

Potential recipients will be included on a waiting list, matched with an egg donor and enrolled in the program. Eggs are retrieved from the donor, fertilized in the laboratory and resulting embryos are transferred to the recipient.

Frozen Donor Eggs

Alabama Fertility partners with Fairfax EggBank, a national donor egg bank, to provide patients with an enhanced selection of frozen donor eggs. As a sibling company to Fairfax Cryobank, a leading donor sperm bank in operation for over 30 years, Fairfax EggBank was born out of a successful and tested model for gamete cryopreservation and shipping.

Because of the advantages and improved efficacy, frozen donor eggs are increasingly a popular option for donor egg recipients. Since donors are recruited from across the United States, recipients will have access to donors spanning a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. Recipients will also feel secure knowing donors at Fairfax EggBank are rigorously screened and have passed extensive medical, genetic and psychological tests. Furthermore, there is no waitlist – once a donor is selected, donor eggs can be shipped overnight to Alabama Fertility, greatly reducing the time it typically takes to start a donor egg cycle. Overall, patients find the frozen donor egg process simple and quick, helping to mitigate the anxiety that many feel when deciding to use an egg donor.

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