Donor Eggs: Fresh or Frozen?

Should you choose a local egg donor or use frozen eggs to conceive? You have the option of using either with in vitro fertilization (IVF). This also gives you the option of using our clinic’s internal donor program or our partnered agency, Fairfax EggBank.

You’ll be working with us through both options, and we are happy to help you through this journey to conception. We’ll compare the benefits and disadvantages of fresh and frozen eggs for you to consider as you ultimately decide which option is best for you.


Advantages of frozen eggs

We have partnered with Fairfax EggBank, a national donor egg bank, to provide our patients with an enhanced selection of frozen donor eggs. This option comes with a host of benefits that may accommodate your time.

  • A broader selection of donor eggs

When you decide to take the route of using frozen eggs, this expands your selection of donor eggs across the country to find the best one for you. Donors are recruited from across the United States. It’s especially beneficial in casting a wider net that spans a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

  • Fast turn- around time

Once you select your donor, the eggs can be shipped overnight to our facility, greatly reducing the time it typically takes to start a donor egg cycle. 

  • Less intrusive to your life

You can plan an IVF cycle based on your own menstrual cycle and your availability. You’ll have the flexibility to begin the IVF process around your day-to-day life versus coordinating with another person’s schedule as well.

  • Egg number security

You’re guaranteed a set number of donor eggs that are shipped to our facility.

  • Embryo development guarantee

Fairfax EggBank offers an embryo development guarantee. You’ll receive a replacement set of donor eggs at no additional cost to you if Fairfax EggBank doesn’t meet the conditions of its guarantee.

  • Donors are rigorously screened

Recipients will also feel secure knowing donors at Fairfax EggBank are rigorously screened and have passed extensive medical, genetic and psychological tests.

Overall, patients find the frozen donor egg process to be simple and quick, helping to mitigate the anxiety that many feel when deciding to use an egg donor.


Advantages of fresh eggs

Our Donor Oocyte Program recruits healthy women between 21 and 34 years of age who are deemed to be in good health for becoming a fresh egg donor.

  • Great option for genetic siblings

If you choose to use a local donor, there will potentially be more oocytes available. Because the chosen local donor receives fertility injections, she’ll grow multiple eggs for egg retrieval. This is likely to result in remaining embryos, which can be frozen for future frozen embryo transfer procedures – or future children and future siblings for your family.

  • Donors are rigorously screened

Women approved for being an oocyte donor have a normal health history, no family history of significant genetic disorders and a normal physical examination. Laboratory screening for sexually transmitted diseases must all be negative.

Other considerations when using fresh eggs

  • The Wait

Once you select an egg donor, we must ensure her availability for the time frame requested. If the donor you select becomes unavailable, then your IVF cycle is further delayed.

  • Syncing cycles and availability

You must time your IVF cycle by synchronizing your availability with your egg donor’s menstrual cycle and availability.

  • A limited number of local egg donors

You’re limited to the egg donors available in the immediate Birmingham, Alabama, region.


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